August 2017

World Speed Record Challenge

by 77 Lucas Oil SilverHook

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Key West ••• to ••• Cuba


Key West to Cuba

The purpose of the 2017 Lucas Oil Ocean Cup is to set two new world speed records, the first from Key West to Cuba and the second returning from Cuba to Key West. The August 15-19 event is a non-profit event to benefit the Key West Community Sailing Center and other charities that promote ocean awareness and boating to young people. The SilverHook Powerboats team, sponsored by Lucas Oil, will feature technology by IBM and Cisco to virtually engage fans world-wide in real-time. The speed record will be authenticated by the UIM, and sanctioned in the U.S. by APBA (American Powerboat Association). The SilverHook Powerboat drivers, Nigel Hook and Jay Johnson, have raced together for many years, have been inducted into the APBA Hall of Champions, and hold multiple Worlds Records, including the 500-mile 2013 record “Golden Gate to Queen Mary”. One week prior to the dates of the 2017 speed  record event of August 15-19, the team will look at the forecasted weather and decide if the targeted race day, August 17, shows the most promise for this record challenge. As that day draws near the team will make a decision on which 3-hour time window is ideal to do the run. The entire round trip will be done during daylight hours only. Once the day and time is finalized, the team will begin the run supported by a helicopter with EMT/diver and full ALS equipment onboard that will follow the SilverHook vessel all the way to Cuba. In Cuba, the finish line will be set up with UIM and APBA officials along with Commodore Escrich aboard a vessel from Hemingway International Yacht Club to verify the record time. This vessel will set the finish line in the appropriate location in front of Castillo del Morro. The SilverHook vessel will stay at maximum speed until it passes the finish line. Then the team will make their way along the Malecón to allow their engines to cool as they give the Cuban people the opportunity to see the vessel. The vessel will pass the U.S. Embassy and make its way just inside Havana Harbor where the team will disembark and meet with Cuban dignitaries to do a brief press conference. The team will then re-embark and proceed to parade along the Malecón once again. When all systems are good to go, they will achieve maximum speed and cross the start line to begin the record back to Key West.
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Castillo del Morro